Guru Termuda di Dunia Berumur 7 Tahun

Adora’s favorite history book (The Century for Young People) a gift from the author, Peter Jennings. “It is the best history book I have ever read,” says Adora.

“Reading and writing is my life.” Adora says seriously. She hopes to use her own success to inspire other kids to take more of an interest in reading and writing.

“Nowadays children are lacking in reading and writing skills, and they are saying things like ‘I don’t like to read’ or ‘ I don’t want to write.’ That hurts me very much.”

 Although Adora knows her stories are a way to reach out and inspire, she hopes this website will provide some insights of her success and a platform for visitors to access additional tool for their own reading and writing.
 Adora’s love of books is evident both in the vast amount she reads a day (she gobbles down 2-3 books a day) and in the diversity of her own writing.
 Watch Adora reading her poems and talking about story ideas (Please use the user name: ilikepianoadrianna@hotmail and password: to log in), cli
 A self-proclaimed ‘amateur historian’, Adora loves to read historical fiction, so perhaps it’s not surprising that her stories range in setting from ancient Egypt to Elizabethan England. Well-researched and wonderfully vivid, Adora’s historical fiction informs while following fast paced and spirited storylines. Adora’s interest in non-fiction history was originally sparked by historical fiction, and she hopes that her own stories will serve as a similar inspiration for other kids.

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